About Us

Welcome to Etopo Control Services

Etopo Control Service Nigeria Limited, RC 441805 is a wholly Nigerian owned and was incorporated in 2002 in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Etopo CSNL has been in operation as an oil and gas provider for the IOCs, having upped its share capital to 5 million. In the past decade, Etopo CSNL has purchased various marine equipments as well as offshore pipeline and drilling equipments. With a manpower base of 173, Etopo CSNL has experience continues growth.

In 2005, Etopo CSNL purchased 2 15hp tug pusher boat. Three years later Etopo CNSL purchased and supplied to NAOC, fast crew Boat (MV Ibimor Beke) and Self Propelled Fuel Barge (Mr. Marvis Beke). 2010, witnessed another milestone in the history of Etopo CSNL as it ventured into pipeline/flow line construction and laying. In addition to that Etopo CSNL also purchased 70tons Grove Crèmes, 320D Excavators, 320DL Swamp buggy for NAOC swamp operations.

In 2014 Etopo CSNL purchased twolines Handling Vessel for NAOC Offshore Operations and a TBA440M2 Automated Deep Drilling Rig Unit. In 2015, Etopo CNSL purchased a brand new DP II PSV from Seacor Marine LLC, Houma Louisiana and also 275ton Kobelco CrawlerCrane. A 3-storey building was bought from Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) as its new corporate office.